Press release

27. april 2021

Det Norske Travselskap,
Dansk Travsports Centralforbund,
Suomen Hippos,
Svensk Travsport

Souloy still suspended in Nordic countries

After a meeting in The Nordic Trotting Committee on April 27th, 2021, Denmark, Finland and Sweden confirms that the penalty given in the verdict of The Norwegian Trotting Association’s Appeal Committee on November 27th, 2017 will be effective in all respective countries.

The above means that Mr. Fabrice Souloy is suspended in the Nordic countries until September 12th, 2026. The suspension implies the loss of the right to hold a licence, loss of entitlement to participate in races for trotting horses and a ban from visiting racetracks. Horses on his training list cannot be entered into races in the Nordic countries.
Our common rules entail also that any holder of a license issued by any of the Nordic trotting authorities is not entitled to co-operate with Mr. Souloy as long as he is banned for an intentional doping violation. Co-operation means work, services and activities related to trotting activities counseling, which include e.g. horse care, training, feeding, handling and shoeing. Cooperation is prohibited whether or not it involves compensation.

Svein Morten Buer (s)                     Sami Kauhanen (s)     
General Secretary                           Managing Director    
Det Norske Travselskap                   Suomen Hippos        

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